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somewhere by ehecod somewhere by ehecod
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Nebquerna Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh wow, this is fantastic!
The composition is great, but the immensness of it all is awesome!
I think I enjoy the water the most, because... I'm not sure how to explain, but you can see the reflection pretty well, and yet still know it's water
My point is that your water is amazing and I love this piece!
jvdrbuss Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sentient-Phyton Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2015  Student Digital Artist
This is your best piece
Blendererer Featured By Owner Edited Oct 29, 2015
Good to see you're still around. I'm just a random internet stranger but listen to WestlyLaFleur. There's something going on here that hasn't been present in your former works, so you might want to explore it a bit deeper, i.e. the rock in the background on the right. It's by no means an ultra complex structure, but it's got a lot of volume and the right amount of variety to make it look interesting at first glance. There's like three vertical planes that instantly catches the view: the first and second from the right are connected above an below. The third plane facing the viewer isn't. For a simple rocky structure you don't need more. I'm convinced that you could play around with how you painted this rock and create a whole gorge out of it. The other rocks/mountains could've been painted in the same fashion. Less is sometimes more of course but compared to the one rock they look overly simplified.

Also, do the same with the terrain in the foreground. You might want to lift up the horizon a bit so we can see the planes better. Try to paint some terraces that are interconnected. Like The part of the rock in the background but horizontally aligned. It's the same thing, it's all just shape. Keep up the good work, you're getting there. Look at this picture for an example of how many terraces can look like…
Just keep them varied enough, repetition kills.
WestlyLaFleur Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
That's the jump I've been waiting for.
arcamae Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2015  Student Digital Artist
gosh this is so pretty!! 
heres-kara Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2015
It's wonderful! :heart:
ehecod Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
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July 30, 2015
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